John Fremer

President of Caveon Consulting Services℠

John Fremer is the President of Caveon Consulting Services. Through client projects, publications, collaborative activities, and conference presentations, he spends his time advocating for sound test security practices on a continuing basis. Specifically, he works with colleagues to conduct Caveon Test Security Audits, prepares Security Handbooks, plans and carries out security investigations, and generally develops security solutions to sharply reduce instances of test fraud.

John Fremer has over 40 years of experience in the field of test publishing and test program development and revision, including management-level positions at Educational Testing Service and The Psychological Corporation/Harcourt (now part of Pearson).

In his 35-year career at Educational Testing Service, Fremer led the ETS component of the team that carried out a major revision of the SAT. Fremer also served as Director of Exercise Development for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and was Director of Test Development for School, Professional, and Higher Education Programs. During 2000-2003, Fremer designed and delivered measurement training programs to international audiences for the ETS Global Institute.

Fremer is a Past President of the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) and a former editor of the NCME journal Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice. Fremer also served as President of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) and the Association for Assessment in Counseling (AAC). He was co-chair of the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP) and of the JCTP work group that developed the testing-industry-wide Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education, one of the most frequently cited documents in the field of educational measurement. Fremer is a co-editor of Computer-Based Testing: Building the Foundations for Future Assessments, (2002, Erlbaum), author of “Why use tests and assessments?” in the 2004 book, Measuring Up: Assessment Issues for Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators, a co-editor with Jim Wollack of The Handbook of Test Security (2013, Routledge), and co-author with John Olson of Lessons learned in State  Assessment Programs in Preventing, Detecting, and Investigating Irregularities in State Assessment Programs (2015, CCSSO, TILSA).

Fremer has been a frequent presenter and writer on issues related to test development, testing standards, training measurement professionals, communicating about testing to various audiences, developing state and national testing programs, trends in testing, and test security.