Susan Weaver

Director of Caveon Secure Exam Development Services

As the Director of Exam Development, Susan Weaver spearheads the Caveon initiative to ensure test security in all phases of the exam lifecycle, from the beginning of a program’s inception, to the creation of items, to after the exam’s launch. This focus on proactive and preventative security at the exam- and item-level is an integral part of the Caveon philosophy of quality testing and trustworthy results.

Susan earned her Master of Science in Administration degree from Central Michigan University. She has spent over 15 years in exam development, and has extensive experience in program consultation, program management, project management, job task analysis, blueprinting, item development, technical review, psychometric review, item editing, cut-score analysis, publication, item performance analysis, and exam maintenance. Susan’s experience in managing test development efforts for companies such as IBM and TIBCO have allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges that programs face during test development. Susan and her team are dedicated to providing clients with the best resources to assist in constructing the highest quality exams that meet the specific development and security needs of their program.